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Things Taken for Granted
I never realized how lucky I've been to live in a place where it rains a decent amount.  
Since I started at my college a few weeks ago, I've made many friends.  One I became very close to is from California; I'll call her "M" because I don't want to use her real name.  She isn't really used to the weather here in Western New York, but she's adapting to the cooler weather pretty well.
Within a few days of us meeting, the temperature here dropped from high 80s (Fahrenheit) to low 70s and high 60s.  I thought it was very comfortable but M was cold and borderline shivering.  I thought it was odd at first but then remembered how hot it was when I went to LA in the spring (seriously, hot do people live there? It's oppressively hot.) and it made more sense.  
We are now getting into the rainy end-of-summer that usually follows a hot June to August.  M told me that the first time it rained, she stood at her window and watched.  She couldn't believe how
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The Athena Challenge(description for those tagged)
Please read the whole thing and keep an open mind.
Deviantart is not a place for thievery.  It's a place for people to show off their individuality through many forms of art.  And stealing the art of others is very wrong and needs to be stopped.  I accept that.
But Deviantart should not be a place of mean words and hatred either.  Why start a war and hurt others without even considering that there are other options?  
The Greek Goddess Athena, though she is often depicted ready for battle, was not one who jumped into battle.  She was slow to anger and only fought when the cause was just.  
Is it a just cause to immediately turn to hate when there are other ways of dealing with a thief?
Athena is a goddess of wisdom and reason too.  When you jump into a battle without forethought, you throw aside your wisdom and reason which are important tools for peace and cooperation.
I'm calling this the Athena Challenge.  When you find a thief, rather th
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If you are on Tumblr, put a link in the comments and I'll follow you.

I spend more time on Tumblr now and won't be posting anymore drawings here.  I will keep using the journal and will keep an eye on notifications though, so I'm not leaving for good.  
Since I spend more time on Tumblr, put a link in the comments and I will follow you.
    So there's this guy on my floor...  We were pretty chill for the past couple weeks.  I thought we could be friends even though he makes fun of people for things like being Diabetic, called another one of my friends Autistic, and told my roommate to kill herself... yeah, I really should have seen this coming now that I think of it.  

    So we're in the common room, on Saturday, with a few others because Mac and Cheese.  Everything is fine, we are all just talking about random things and goofing around while waiting for the Mac and Cheese to cook.  Then out of nowhere, he says something that immediately made me go from my usual slow-to-anger demeanor to my losing my temper in a millisecond.  

    "I hate the British and think they all should die." (before anyone asks, because I've had to specify this several times, the guy is Caucasian/White)

    "EXCUSE ME!!!??" I practically shrieked.  I can remember it being loud enough to strain my vocal chords (which is very loud).  "I have family in England and am 50% British!!"  His response made me so angry, it felt like I could vomit.

    "Well they should die too.  And the 50% of British in you should die." 

    By that point I wasn't thinking and was out of control.  I made a stupid mistake.  I got up, stalked over to where he was sitting and kicked him in the chest.  

    At the time it felt good.  But now, though I'm not sorry, I regret kicking him because if I report him I will get in trouble too because I technically assaulted him.  He basically threatened me and is bullying the other people on my floor, and I can't, to use the words of several floor mates, "lead the charge against him."  I have the best reason to report him; what he said was a threat to my safety according to several adults and peers I've gone to.  But because I retaliated the whole thing can be turned against me.  Though I feel I deserve whatever punishment they'd give me, I'm too afraid they will remove me from the floor.  I don't want to leave and I'm in a place where people actually talk to me and include me in things.  It's so nice after being the odd one out through high school and I don't know if any administrator could understand that.

    I'm also really disappointed in myself.  I haven't lost control like that in almost 10 years.  To let myself act out of blind fury makes me feel weak.  I know I say that "I'm a small blond who wants to fight everything" a lot, but I usually mean it as in "I want to fight everything but I'm too busy and at too much of a disadvantage (height wise) to think it would be a good idea."  On top of that I feel like I let my floor mates down (even though I've been asked at least once everyday since to do it again because they hate him).  If anyone had a solid reason to report him, it was me.  But now I can't even do that for them because it feels too risky.

    I don't think I've ever been that angry before nor do I ever want to be again.  

    If anyone has any advice of what I should do, please comment.

Today I can feel a cold or something comping on.  I would skip some classes today to take care of myself, but I can't (couldn't) because there was a test in Calc this morning, my writing class was called off Tuesday because the professor had an obligation and wasn't going to be there, I am weakest in Chemistry and the lab for it is today (I have 4 1/2 straight hours of Chemistry every Thursday, I want to die.).
If you are on Tumblr, put a link in the comments and I'll follow you.

I spend more time on Tumblr now and won't be posting anymore drawings here.  I will keep using the journal and will keep an eye on notifications though, so I'm not leaving for good.  


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I want to make this one thing clear. You are not a bother. You are not worthless. You are an amazing person and if you are in need of help, feel free to reach out to me. I will do what ever I can to help you. I may not be a professional in anything, but I'm human and I can help my people through my experience and the experience of others. You don't have to be alone because you are not alone.


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